Providers of innovative marketing automation software to easily design, manage and analyze branded meeting and event marketing programs enterprise-wide for revenue generation and dramatic savings. Lenos serves corporations, associations, nonprofits, marketing and event agencies worldwide. 
Debra Chong
Chairman & CEO
Debra Chong has been a Partner in several multinational law firms, representing financial services, regulated industries, corporate, e-commerce and emerging technology clients. She is an active leader at the American Bar Association with appointments on the Standing Committees on Membership and Technology, which strategically direct the delivery of technology and services to the ABA's 400,000 plus members. Debra is a Member of the Board of Directors of the American Bar Endowment (over $90 MM) and AEFC Pension Plan (over $50 MM) and in the past, a Director of Alistar Insurance Company. She began her legal career with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; one of her OCC opinions was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court which resulted in the landmark integration of banking and insurance industries in the U.S. Debra is a graduate of Boston University, Georgetown University Law Center and the Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Washington.
Patti H. Tackeff
President & CMO
There is no perfect system, but we keep trying!  We are passionate about developing elegant solutions to complex challenges.  This means technical leadership.  When competitors offer rigid templates we innovate to offer our customers the ability to easily create and manage their own account designed templates and program type themes that adhere to corporate design guidelines.  We introduced greater ease of site creation with Drag and drop design back in 2000!  When others offer a pay-to-play vendor database, Lenos prohibits this practice, and innovates an alternative solution for transparency, and unbiased strategic vendor management that meets their strict corporate security and privacy policies.  When others make incremental releases a few times a year, Lenos is agile with weekly releases and periodic complete redesigns of modules.   We are driven to be the best, not the largest.
Harlow Burgess
Chief Technology Officer

Peter O'Toole
Vice President, Professional Services
Lenos Studio, Event Marketing CMS
Lenos SMMP, Strategic Meetings+Events Platform
Lenos Professional & Creative Services
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