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privacy policy
Manage the entire Consent lifecycle, from collection through withdrawal. Ensure validity and proper documentation of the Consent.
  • Consent provided to registrants are based on the following to ensure proper disclosures are made regarding data collection and management:
  • Event Specific
  • Type of Event
  • Registrant Type
  • Disclosures are archived and if disclosures are changed, they are properly identified.
  • Data and time consent are auto-recorded with the relevant time frame consent was given.
  • A record of consent, as well as other data can be sent to your CRM (i.e., Salesforce).
  • Easily replicate the GDPR settings from one campaign to another by campaign one-click cloning. Update and edits can be made as needed.
self-service for individuals to exercise their rights
  • If an individual is not willing to provide consent to register for the meeting/event, they are not allowed to register. The consent is displayed in a conspicuous manner.
  • Post-registration and collection of data, the registrant can request that you correct their data or correct it themselves. If the data has been sent to other parties, according to the consent provided, you can identify who they are and contact them to correct/update.
  • Post-registration and collection of data, the registrant can withdraw their consent and request the deletion of their data. If the data has been sent to other parties, according to the consent provided, they are identified and can be contacted, and the data can be de-identified and securely deleted.
data management
  • Protects, monitors and manages data.
  • Automatically be alerted to Withdrawal of Consent requests and expiration of Consents and manage them.
  • Identify third-parties that have been provided this data as part of the meeting/event management and fulfillment process.
  • Communicate through a single Dashboard which archives all responses.
  • De-identify data securely and preserve non-PII.
role based access controls
Manage access to Consent (PII) and meeting/event data (non-PII) from a single Dashboard.
  • Restrict access as needed to maintain confidentiality, compliance and audit requirements.
  • Enable parallel data management for both marketing and meeting/event logistics and privacy compliance and audit by Information security.
  • Automated revision history for compliance and audit.
Should there be different data privacy requirements for EU Citizens and non-EU Citizens?
The simple answer is NO.  Trust is paramount to all data collection and an asset. The best approach is to adapt all data collection processes to match the GDPR requirements, as it will mean that your organization is more likely to comply with all privacy requirements and ensure that the data collected is of the highest quality.  This approach establishes you as a leader in ensuring the privacy of your customers, employees and partners for recognizing and respecting the privacy of all individuals. As trust is the “new currency” and your organization’s brand is paramount, protect and promote brand equity by adopting privacy standards that engender trust in your audience. Nothing is more important than trust.