See the FOREST and the TREES
Go from silos to transparent, strategic spend management
A disciplined approach to managing enterprise wide meetings+events activities, processes, and supply-chain in order to achieve measurable business objectives aligned with corporate strategic goals/vision, data governance and privacy policies.
Enterprise class: Privacy by Design, Advertising free, and Transparent for Superior Results.
Privacy by Design is at the core
of our business model.
99% surveyed are unaware of the embedded advertising revenue model of competitor’s Sourcing Systems which can advantage your vendors at your expense.

Based on client conversion from competitor’s advertising subsidized network/marketplace.
Client: Global Software company
Time Span: 12 months

Program Request & Approval Management
A Single Sign On (SSO) integration to your corporate Intranet, enables easy access to all stakeholders requesting expert assistance to manage their meetings+events.
Approval Management can be set up according to your unique corporate policies.
Key Capabilities
Custom Program Request Form(s) layout and branding
Create Request Forms based on different program types and requirements
Layout workflow and approval process according to your needs

Workflow Automation & Collaboration
Enterprise wide management eliminates redundant manual processes and silos.
Leverage shared resources for dramatic savings.
Key Capabilities
Enterprise Calendaring & Special Dates
Planning Tools & Resource Visibility

Sourcing – Supplier Management
Enterprise class Strategic Supplier Management solutions free of advertising and bias.
A complete, industry specific  solution for venue andvendor sourcing
combined with a dynamic RFP engine.
Key Capabilities
Comprehensive global venue database
Self-configurable to your unique business requirements
Unlimited, self-configurable RFP themes based on program requirements
Automatically track first and final bids, benchmarking, and cost savings

Budget Management
Enterprise wide management eliminates redundant manual processes and silos.
Key Capabilities
Self-configurable Budget templates based on different program types and requirements
Multiple breakout budgets that roll up to one report
Check-in, out and read-only controls
Export to Excel, edit, save to desktop, resych at any time

Registration Websites
Attendee Management to Event Marketing in one easy to use drag and drop solution.
Key Capabilities
Select your company’s branded program-type template, copy, edit and launch for a new program.
From simple registration to the most complex requirements
Housing managementincludes guest, associated records, roommate matching, and so much more
Automated ecommerce without any extra fees

Report Portal, Admin and Analytics
The Lenos Report Portal is fully customizable – Your logo, colors, fonts, and layout controls.
Key Administrators can enable access based on permissions.
Designed to support your global organization, 3rd Party Partners and various
different departments or operators.
Key Capabilities
Spend Transparency and Management
Automated Cash Flow Analysis
AdHoc Report Designer and Standard Reports
A Natural Fit
Social Media
Speaker Management
Native Apps
Onsite Tools

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