Salesforce is the world's #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, cloud-based applications for sales, service and marketing. Customers customize Salesforce, any application or process, to extend, connect and integrate with other applications in their enterprise.
salesforce integration
Through a robust set of tools in Lenos' Salesforce API Integration, Salesforce Administrators configure the API to control the data that flows in and out of Salesforce and customize it, across all campaigns or a single campaign in Lenos, and integrating with a single or multiple Salesforce campaigns. Custom development created on Salesforce is easily accommodated, increasing data portability and maximizing your investment in Salesforce and Lenos.
event qualified leads (eql)
Customize with filters other options configure your
integration to your unique business processes.
Personalize your Event Marketing
  • Leverage Salesforce data for personalized messaging and advanced segmentation
  • Amplify Engagement marketing and advocacy
Lead Intelligence for Sales
  • Live Syncing for Actionable data
  • Close more business with easy access to value intelligence generated by Lenos Event Marketing
live integration for actionable event engagement
  • Easily set the integration options using a simple configuration interface
  • Map standard and custom data fields between Lenos and Salesforce
  • Transfer data seamlessly, without the need to export or import files
  • Define which fields uniquely identify Salesforce contacts, leads, and accounts
  • Activate, deactivate, or modify integration settings for each unique event, conference survey, or other eMarketing campaigns in Lenos Studio
  • Eliminate duplicates by syncing Lenos contacts with Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Automatically update Salesforce campaign members based on specific event engagement status
  • Tasks can be opened and assigned based on Salesforce lead assignment rules
Within minutes, a Salesforce Administrator can authenticate their Salesforce account and configure the Lenos Salesforce integration to transmit data, customized as needed to match the business rules of their company’s Salesforce account. Sales professionals are empowered with event data regarding their customers, as well as prospects. More importantly, the Salesforce administrator can ensure their data retains its integrity and is complete and clean by controlling the data transmitted.
Lenos Software is the leading innovator of enterprise Event Marketing Automation. Software specifically developed to easily design, manage and analyze branded customer, partner, prospect and employee engagement. Lenos Studio CMS combines the power of content management, registration and email marketing in one solution platform.  Lenos SMM – Strategic Meeting Management Platform combines Lenos Studio with back-office supplier and budget management modules for enterprise supplier transparency and spend management.