Lenos consultants are experts in event marketing websites, Strategic Meeting Management Software, enterprise integrations, and business process transformation. Get the most out of Lenos solutions with expert training and support.
training & support
Lenos provides a wide range of training options, from in-person, hands-on instruction to virtual training, on-going webinars, and more. Unlimited and personalized customer care to ensure customer success.  Lenos training and advice can help you realize your potential and ensure a higher return on your investment.
smmp implementation
Our Lenos Professional Services Group will assist you to realize the full potential of the Lenos Platform and increase your return on investment by implementing the most effective enterprise Strategic Meeting+Event Strategy for your organization. We develop the most innovative software solutions to solve your unique business challenges and partner with market leaders for delivering value-added meeting, travel and event services.
professional & creative
Do you need help creating more complex conference websites? Lenos Services Consultants are always available to create complex sites for you.  Lenos Experts have created sites for some of the most complex conferences for Customer Conferences, Multi-city Rallies and Product Launched, Channel/Partner Conferences.
professional & creative services
We craft beautiful, impactful, functionally-rich
websites powered by Lenos Studio for you.
Over our 18 years since founding Lenos, we sometimes feel like we have seen everything and tackled every new layout and design that one can think off.  Fortunately, there is always going to be something new and unique requested to set a client program apart from its competitors.  Below are just a few of the fun and challenging situations we have had the privilege to work on:
You know the story: It's always end-of-day when that emergency call comes in. A new client was preparing for a User Conference and their Agency, who was tasked with the website, suddenly announced three weeks before the launch date that they couldn’t finish the site in time.

A colleague took the call and the specifications. The site was in our client’s inbox the next day. What takes custom coders months and other systems weeks to do takes only hours to do in Lenos Studio.

Naturally, various site updates, edits, and design revisions happened for the next few days. It was a cinch–the client easily met their launch date.
"I'm a Lenos Fanboy!"
Scott Owens, Salesforce, Director of Events Technology
The challenge: A conference website to handle 20,000 registrations per second. Previously, this program was only able to achieve eight registrations per second, resulting in heartburn for all.

The expectation: The moment registration opened, the site would be hammered with folks trying to register.

The result: Much to everyone's delight, Lenos exceeded the 20,000 per second registration volume.
account templates: meetings & events
Global Apparel company well-known for brand marketing tasked us to design corporate templates based on different program types and division brand identities.

After careful study of their branding guidelines to ensure compliance, new templates were designed and approved by corporate brand custodians and then added to their account for access only by their employees.

Global Apparel company was enabled to simply select a template, copy, edit, and launch to create hundreds of programs on their own each year.
group air
vip travel module
An Experiential Marketing Agency Partner needed Group Air Block Management software to manage charters, pre-booked itineraries and individual travel. The total solution required integration with a GDS and Lenos' registration, group housing block management (with guests and multiple hotel reservations per registrant) and payments.

Based on a collaborative partnership, specifications were created and development was completed in 3 months; this is still being used after 10+ years and is backwards compatible, fully integrated with new release features.