About Lenos
Omnichannel Event Engagement Platform 
Our Story
In 1999, Debra Chong and Patti Tackeff founded Lenos to develop a software solution to create event marketing websites.  They saw a need for an alternative to custom coding or rigid template systems.  Custom coding was too expensive and time-consuming and templates were too inflexible and offered limited functionality.  
By late 2000, Lenos introduced a more intuitive, faster and better way to create event websites:
Lenos Studio 
  • An event content management solution that delights novices and experts alike;
  • no-coding, elegantly intuitive visual designer for drag & drop, fast site creation;  
  • Editable account templates for novices site creators, and a blank canvas for experts;  
  • Powerful administrative controls with sophisticated, real-time reports and analytics;
  • White-labelled, Privacy-first based on Privacy by design/default principals;
Fast forward to 2021 and our 4th generation:  
  • an all-in-one, omnichannel comprehensive platform with real-time data interoperability between devices (web, tablet, app), touchpoints and channels (hybrid, virtual and in-person).
    A little personal history - just imagine, Deb's high school counselor told her she had to learn to type to get a job.  Instead, she asked the school principal for a new counselor and never looked back.  
    Our History
    Debra Chong
    Co-Founder, Chairperson, CEO, Esq
    Debra Chong developed her interest in technology as a partner in several global law firms.  She was a key participant in drafting the Public Key Infrastructure Assessment Guidelines, which provided cryptography requirements and standards, including privacy.  As an attorney for the Office of the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), regarding legislative, enforcement and regulatory proceedings, one of her opinions resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court-driven landmark integration of banking and insurance industries.
    Patti Tackeff
    Co-Founder, President & CMO
    Patti Tackeff oversees the brand and vision behind the Lenos solutions platform strategy.
    She has more than two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur and executive for numerous startups, from launch to IPO. Patti also founded a China-based company for an American Fortune 50 corporation and worked in venture capital and private equity related to technology and Asia investments.
    Partners & Integrations
    We support robust integrations with complimentary industry software solutions providers.
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    We are a mission-driven company where making a positive impact matters. If you're ready to grow your career and help millions of organizations build stronger more authentic engagement with customers, partners, prospects and employees, then you've come to the right place.