Lenos Studio
Event Website & App Designer
Attract, Acquire & Grow
An all-in-one, website & app designer with the freedom to create and manage your experiential engagement marketing exactly the way you want.
A white-labelled, visual website designer that gives you total freedom to create your website event experiences exactly the way you want.  From email to website content, registration, confirmations, sessions, agenda and more. A seamless, branded omnichannel experience.  Once a site is created, one click copies the entire site, including a native app, then edit and update to launch for your next program.
All Program Types
Future-Proof your meetings and event technology stack with robust capabilities available to you as your event needs evolve.  
Empower your team to set up customizable email, websites, registration and apps to deliver the perfect experience for your attendees.
Simplify complexity with the most comprehensive digital marketing platform in the industry to power all your in-person, virtual and hybrid events.    
Bye-bye Duct Tape
A comprehensive, modular solution suite for seamless, real-time control via a single interface.  Eliminate the need and risk of cobbling together multiple systems, costly integrations and multiple interfaces to manage your webinars, meetings, events and conferences.      
Single Source of Truth
Generate leads, nurture prospects, empower employees and customer advocacy to maximize engagement impact and revenue generation.
Lenos Studio
Select from professionally designed templates or start with a blank canvas to create a totally unique event site.  
Lenos visually intuitive interface ensures everyone can create beautiful, impactful event sites.  Small meetings with housing and travel, or a marketing leadgen site takes minutes.  Create more demanding and sophisticated hybrid conference with a hundred thousand participants, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors, without breaking a sweat.
Save your site in a preview mode and publish with one click to the web when ready.  One click also clones your site to launch as new, or can save it as an account template to make it available in your personal account or available enterprise-wide as a standard template.
Event Studio CMS
Total Control
Account Template Designer
Lenos Studio comes equipped with a built-in template designer module.  Create your own account templates based on your unique corporate brand guidelines and program types.  Studio offers powerful drag & drop design capabilities for code-free customization, as well as extensible for web developers.
Editable Templates
Lenos Studio comes with a library of professionally designed editable templates based on program types.  Each comes fully built out including a native mobile app if desired. Code-free, live editing and preview mode ensure making updates and design changes take minutes.   
All Program Types, Endless Possibilities
Powerful & Flexible, Built-in Capabilities
Privacy Consent Manager
Registrations, Surveys &
Hotel & Air Management
Activities Manager
Guest Management
Sessions & Tracks
Document Repository
Add to Calendar
Button Maker
Discount Codes
3rd Party Plug-ins
No mess, no fuss.  Lenos offers rich 3rd party integrations for video, travel, social and more.  
Add Your Own
Easily add your own plug-ins like custom gamification and weather.
Registration, Surveys, Lead & Revenue Generation
Optimize customer experiences
Everything you need for complete control over layouts, colors, fonts, and more with intuitive drag and drop controls. Create a simple or multi-page form with advanced profile segmentation enabling personalized content images and unique questions.
Emails, Confirmations, & Marketing Promotion
Personalized email marketing before, during and after your event.
Easy set up with drag & drop designing for look & feel consistent with the overall event branding.
Invitation emails
Your event invitation email can be a core contributor to your event’s success.
Broadcast emails
Send bulk email blast to all on your lists.
Schedule reminder emails, offer discounts or other promotions to drive attendance.
Registration confirmations
Deliver design consistency from emails to website registration confirmations. Personalize email content and design based on registrant preferences.
Email authentication
Send emails as if they are coming from your company with the approval and support of your IT governance.
Personalized emails
Send emails personalized based on questions answered and behavioral data such as videos viewed, downloads, sessions attended, etc.
Conference Modules
Speakers, Sponsors, & Exhibitors
Powerful self-service capabilities for greater impact
  • Call for Papers
  • Session Content Management
  • Automated Task Review & Management
  • Sponsorship Sales & Analytics
  • Contract Management & Payments (DocuSign)
  • Virtual Booth & Analytics
Mobile & Onsite
native app
Once you create your program event website, virtual, in-person or hybrid, with one click LenosSync automatically creates your native app!
Add images and toggle switches to enable or disable features to create your custom native app in half an hour, a fraction of the time of traditional apps. And best yet, all your data is synchronized between devices and environments.  Make a change in one, and it automatically updates everywhere.  
Key Features include online/offline access, check-in and leadgen scanning, maps, personalized and group push notifications, sponsorship opportunities, person-to-person messaging and networking, chat, Q&A, polling, surveys, My Agenda which includes sessions and housing/travel arrangements, and so much more.
First Party Data
In today’s world, brands are increasingly relying on first-party customer data collection and activation to achieve their goals.  Lenos Studio comes with a built-in registration privacy consent manager as an integral registration feature.  
Data Management
✔ Attendee Registration
✔ Housing & Travel  
✔ Email Marketing
✔ Payments & Reconciliations
✔ Task Management
✔ Speaker, Sponsor, Exhibitor Portals
✔ Activities Management
✔ Agenda & Sessions  
✔ Change Reports
✔ Associated Guest Records
✔ Roommate Matching
Manage all aspect of your event, from personalized invitation emails to housing block management and travel in a single, intuitive and permissions-based Report Portal.
Insights & Attribution
✔ Personalized Dashboards
✔ Customer Profiling & Lead Scoring
✔ Account-based Marketing (ABM)
✔ Cross Program Analysis
✔ In-depth Video Tracking & Duration
✔ Web Site Analytics
✔ Email Marketing Data
✔ Revenue & Spend Analytics
✔ Heat Maps
✔ App Engagement  
✔ Conference Touchpoints
✔ Enterprise Consolidated Analytics
Demographic, firmographic and behavioral key metrics is the key that unlocks audience and revenue growth.   
All your engagement touchpoints in one place, in real-time, with closed loop CRM and MA integrations.  
Partners & Ecosystem
We support robust integrations with complimentary industry software solutions.