Lenos Studio
Event Content Management System
A Complete Event Operating Solution
Host branded and secure, interactive webinars that encourage collaboration across your teams and connect to customers, partners and prospects.
Create immersive attendee experiences with interactive and dynamic features. Leverage professionally designed templates or create from a blank canvas without the need to write any code.  
End-to-end scalability to easily create small internal meetings,   such as programs with housing, activities and travel to multi-city roadshows, marketing events and conferences.
Enable a truly seamless omnichannel experience across all devices and environments,  pre-, during and post event engagement. A holistic, fully synchronized solution.
Omnichannel Experiences
all-in-one platform for programs and events of all types and sizes
Event Campaign Management
Everything you need to create, manage and measure all
your meetings, events & conferences.
Select from professionally designed templates or design from a blank canvas to create a totally unique, in-person event website or hybrid conference.  One click clones your entire website, including emails, native app, ad hoc reports and all your CRM, MA, ERP, e-commerce and travel integration settings.  Nothing is faster or more intuitive.
Lenos Studio is a fourth generation visual drag and drop web site design studio developed from the ground up for our industry.    
Easily enable live streaming, embedded gallery views, break outs, and video on demand sessions.
Power Apps
For Creativity and Speed
Built-in apps  
Personalize customer engagement and work more efficiently with applications designed specifically for our industry.  Place anywhere on the page, click on settings and you're good-to-go.
Integrated 3rd Party apps
Seamlessly embedded 3rd Party apps.
Add your own
Easily add your own like a custom gamification app.
Registration, Surveys, Lead Generation
Everything you need and more
Complete control over layouts, colors, fonts, and more with intuitive drag and drop controls. Create a simple or multi-page form with advanced profile segmentation enabling personalized content images and unique questions.
Select from best-practices, program specific templates, edit and launch in minutes. Or for more sophisticated programs, all the capabilities are fully loaded to handle your most demanding conference requirements.  
Housing Block Management with multiple blocks and roommate matching, Exhibitor/Sponsor Management with project task management and Enterprise Session Track Managment with selective displays and selection based on attendee profiles, are just a few of the powerful native features embedded in Lenos Studio.
Email Marketing
Personalized email marketing before, during and after your event.
Easy set up with drag & drop designing for look & feel consistent with the overall event branding.
Invitation emails
Your event invitation email can be a core contributor to your event’s success.
Broadcast emails
Send bulk email blast to all on your lists.
Schedule reminder emails, offer discounts or other promotions to drive attendance.
Registration confirmations
Deliver design consistency from emails to website registration confirmations. Personalize email content and design based on registrant preferences.
Email authentication
Send emails as if they are coming from your company with the approval and support of your IT governance.
Personalized emails
Send emails personalized based on questions answered and behavioral data such as videos viewed, downloads, sessions attended, etc.
Mobile & Onsite
native app
Once you create your program event website, virtual, in-person or hybrid, with one click LenosSync automatically creates your native app!
Add images and toggle switches to enable or disable features to create your custom native app in half an hour, a fraction of the time of traditional apps. And best yet, all your data is synchronized between devices and environments.  Make a change in one, and it automatically updates everywhere.  
Key Features include online/offline access, check-in and leadgen scanning, maps, personalized and group push notifications, sponsorship opportunities, person-to-person messaging and networking, chat, Q&A, polling, surveys, My Agenda which includes sessions and housing/travel arrangements, and so much more.
First Party Data
Proprietary First Party event data is vital for building authentic customer trust and engagement.  
In today’s world, brands are increasingly relying on first-party customer data collection and activation to achieve their goals.  Lenos Studio comes with a built-in registration privacy consent manager as an integral registration feature.  
Data Management
✔ Attendee Registration
✔ Housing & Travel  
✔ Email Marketing
✔ Payments & Reconciliations
✔ Task Management
✔ Speaker, Sponsor, Exhibitor Portals
✔ Activities Management
✔ Agenda & Sessions  
✔ Change Reports
✔ Associated Guest Records
✔ Roommate Matching
Manage all aspect of your event, from personalized invitation emails to housing block management and travel in a single, intuitive and permissions-based Report Portal.
Insights & Attribution
✔ Personalized Dashboards
✔ Customer Profiling & Lead Scoring
✔ Account-based Marketing (ABM)
✔ Cross Program Analysis
✔ In-depth Video Tracking
✔ Web Site Analytics
✔ Email Marketing Data
✔ Revenue & Spend Analytics
✔ Heat Maps
✔ App Engagement  
✔ Conference Touchpoints
✔ Enterprise Consolidated Analytics
Demographic, firmographic and behavioral key metrics is the key that unlocks audience and revenue growth.   
All your engagement touchpoints in one place, in real-time, with closed loop CRM and MA integrations.  
Trusted Partner
White-labelled, Privacy by Design and Default Since 1999
Trust is fundamental to building brand affinity and advocacy with  customers, partners, employees and prospects.
Partners & Ecosystem
We support robust integrations with complimentary industry software solutions.