An event app your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and your team will love.
Engage, Connect & Network
Event Sync is your full featured, versatile mobile app
Event App
Enable unique interactions, and stimulating engagement for attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to drive greater impact and enhanced outcomes.  
Personal Schedule
Your attendee's personalized schedule includes their travel itinery (hotel and air) in addition to all their event activities and sessions.
P2P Networking & Lead Generation
Attendees can mutually scan each other's app for peer-to-peer networking, and sponsors/exhibitors can scan for lead generation with real-time reporting.
Onsite check-in using the mobile app.
Smart Automation
Once you create your program event website in Lenos Studio, virtual, in-person or hybrid, a simple one click automatically generates your native mobile app!
In less than an hour, by adding images, content, and toggling on/off switches, you can customize your app.  (Seriously, it takes longer for me to get my hair cut!)
And best yet, all your data is synchronized between devices and environments.  Make a change in one, and it automatically updates everywhere.  
A visual designer with easy toggle on/off and drop in images to customize.
Once your event native app is automatically generated by Lenos Studio, with real-time integration of registration data, sessions, and all your website data, customize with Sync’s visual design wizard. Easy drag and drop, uploads and switches to create a custom design and layout.
Published your app in the App Store and Google Play Store, or use our white-labelled app.  Make on-going edits and updates as you wish with one click.  No coding or time-consuming and costly integrations.  
Success is Built on Trust
Building trust with customers, partners, employees and prospects builds brand affinity.  Today with increasing regulatory oversight, it is necessary to be able to collect and manage data in a manner that is transparent and auditable.  Event Sync offers:
  • Two level security, app and individual security; app is not displayed unless app password is entered.
  • Select from five methods of individual login to app, including method to login to registration website.
  • Easily recover login without administrative intervention.
  • Attendee must affirmatively agree (opt-in) to display their personal information in the app but can still access and utilize the app if they opt-out from sharing.
  • Attendee display can be defined by registration types (to exclude C-Level, etc.) and viewed by designated registration types only.
"Partnering with Lenos has been the best decision we could have made. A true partner in our compliance journey."
Marty MacKay, DMCP
President, Host Global
President, ADMEI
No hassle.  No fuss.
One Click Create
Automatically and seamlessly create your native app when an event program website, virtual, in-person or hybrid, is created in Lenos Studio.  All updates, edits and engagement is real-time synced among devices.   
One Click Clone
With one click clone a Lenos Studio website, virtual, in-person or hybrid, including your app!
Content updates are automated.  
Attendee Experience
Profile Management
As the event producer you control what features are available for attendee profiles and attendees elect to share or not personal information for networking.
Sessions Participation and Content
Attendees select session participation based on personalized availability and filter to create their own personalized experiences.   
Floor Plans
Provide detailed floor maps and include exhibitor and sponsor promotional opportunities.
Messaging & Email Communications
Segmented and personalized communications.
1:1 Networking
Attendees can scan each other’s QR codes and their contact information is saved in their mobile phone, which includes a note as to where they met.
Scanning each others QR codes also opens Linkedin to "connect."
Direct Message & Chat
Attendees can live chat, group or individuals across devices - web and mobile app.  Chat participation can be set up to be permission-based by attendee types.
Social Feed/Social Wall
Share photos and comments.
Polls, Interactive Q&A & Gamification
Options to implement these capabilities and features for additional interactivity amongst participants.
Sponsor & Exhibitor
Lead Gen Scanner
Scan attendee as they visit your booth.  Actionable, real-time reporting is available to you and your team.
Chat with Attendees
Group and individual chat is available
Ad placement in the mobile with associated reports.  
Real-time Analytics
24/7 accessible before, during and post event.
Onsite Badging
Lead Scanner
Single Source of Truth
Bye, bye duct tape.  A single report portal for unified data management and analytics, from registration and web analytics to mobile,
High-level complete event stats and metrics.
Real-time reports and analytics are available 24/7.