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Building trust with your customers, partners, employees and prospects builds brand affinity.
Today with increasing regulatory oversight on data privacy, it is necessary to be able to collect and manage data in a manner that is transparent and auditable.
Privacy Management
Manage the entire consent lifecycle enterprise-wide, from collection through withdrawal. Ensure validity and proper documentation of registrant consent and data transfer.
Must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.
Lenos Consent Manager provides an option to inform potential registrants how to participate if they decline the privacy policy. Trust is fundamental to building brand affinity and advocacy.    
Managing Consent Given
Consent is informed if it is specific to the registrant, and their role and the nature of their activities during an event. This may result in different privacy policies for different registrants and needs to account for any changes in privacy policies.
Recording of the privacy policy approved by a registrant, archiving of any changes and sending this data to Salesforce is optimal as it is automated by the Consent Manager. The automated reporting of expiration of consents, identification of sharing of data for fulfillment and being able to easily locate all registrant data across the enterprise, are key features that the Consent Manager enables a company to comply with privacy requirements.
In the event of the necessity to remove the data due to a withdrawal of a consent or otherwise, a single click can de-identify personally identifiable data while preserving key marketing data.
Role Based Access Controls
Manage access to Consent (PII) and meeting/event data (non-PII) from a single Dashboard.
  • Restrict access as needed to maintain confidentiality, compliance and audit requirements.
  • Enable parallel data management for both marketing and meeting/event logistics and privacy compliance and audit.
  • Automated change history for compliance and audit.
Individual Rights
Post-registration and collection of data, the registrant can request that you correct their data or correct it themselves. If the data has been sent to other parties, according to the consent provided, you can identify who they are and contact them to correct/update.
Post-registration and collection of data, the registrant can withdraw their consent and request the deletion of their data. If the data has been sent to other parties, according to the consent provided, they are identified and can be contacted, and the data can be de-identified and securely deleted.
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