HCP Compliance Manager
Provides a solution integral to the registration for all programs that involve Health Care Professionals, whether they are attending an Advisory Board, Conference, Congress, KOL, Tradeshow, or Training, etc.  
Meet Current and Future Reporting Requirements
HCP Expense & Compliance Reporting
Integral to Registration
At an organization’s option, integrations may include data managed in CRM (e.g., Salesforce), legacy or other systems (e.g., Speaker Management Bureau), etc. The HCP Compliance Manager also considers the import and management of data that was created and managed off-line (e.g., Excel or other manual processes), or by other means in order to provide an organization maximum visibility and management of all HCP related data in a single database for financial transparency.
User controls are implemented by an organization, to limit accessibility of all features of the module on a “need to know, need to manage” basis and ensure the confidentiality of the data and privacy of HCPs.
Flexibility Built-in
The HCP Compliance Manager was designed to provide management of all aspects of HCP spend, historical or current, and to encompass any situation an organization encounters in its day-to-day operations, including managing spend on a retroactive basis, if needed, or migrating data from any other data sources/systems.
Reports & Analytics
The HCP Compliance Module includes extensive reporting capabilities from Standard and AdHoc, all in real-time. Custom reporting, as specified, may be implemented at request. Transfer of HCP data may be by APIs to data warehouses or other systems. Any custom reporting will work without any additional programming for past, present and future programs to ensure that the investment made is maximized.
The HCP Compliance Module is integrated with the GDPR Compliance Manager, Lenos Software Strategic Meeting Management Solution and Studio (Attendee Management). This ensures a complete solution for an organization. Any modules may be licensed separately or as an integrated solution suite.
Lenos provides comprehensive attendee spend tracking. Our spend/expense tracking was launched over 15 years as an integral component to our Strategic Meeting Management Platform.  With unparalleled reporting options, and backed by an experienced team of implementation consultants, our HCP solution provides both detailed and summary reports of meetings-related HCP expenses, including travel, food, lodging, speaking fees, entertainment, and honoraria.
One of the challenges of managing HCP spend is attributing it to the right individual and reporting it to the right jurisdictions. Lenos Master Profile Module ensures accuracy and integrity of HCP data, as it validates their identity and prepopulates their data for all your events. All this data does not need to be visible to your registrants but is automatically entered into their registration to provide you all the data you need for reporting.
Acceptances, declines, non-responses, cancellations, and check-ins are automatically tracked to ensure spend is only associated to registered and attending HCPs. Only attending and cancelling HCPs may be attributed spend in standard expense fields (e.g., Air, Housing, Meals, Honorarium, etc.) that reflect the program, selectively enabled for only relevant spend fields are used for the program or registration type and are dated based on the spend date, automatically audited.
Internal controls are built-in to ensure that the data entered for spend is correct and all changes to a HCP record are tracked for reference. Housing costs are automatically calculated for each HCP depending upon their type of assigned accommodation and dates of arrival and departure. This also calculates costs associated for individual pay/pay on own. Adding spend to a HCP record may be by bulk editing or upload, or on a single record basis.  These measures allow for identification of any missing data, anomalies, inconsistencies, etc. by Standard and AdHoc Reporting.
HCP and registration data are integrated in AdHoc Reporting to create unlimited custom reports. Also, HCP spend data may be sent to other systems for warehousing, etc.
If you need to allocate registration limits based on registrant profile/demographic data (e.g., limit the number of doctors vs. hospital administrators that may be registered for a meeting/event, etc.), this can be automated. Sales Teams may register HCPs for meetings/events and be allocated limits for registration by team member or type of registrant. Each member of the team is provided a Dashboard to manage registration, cancellation or waitlisting of HCPs for a single meeting/event or multiple meetings/events.