Consent Management
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Director Experiential Marketing
A leading software provider’s legal department requires that all their corporate event and conference registrations include a privacy consent policy disclosure based on the participant’s role, and the nature of their activities during an event.  Additionally, they require the ability to provide an automated audit trail of all the different policies and any changes made during the program for regulatory compliance.
Lenos Studio offers a native Consent Management solution to manage the entire consent lifecycle enterprise-wide, from collection through withdrawal.  This built-in solution ensures data validity and proper documentation of registrant informed consent and data transfer.
Lenos automatically records informed consent, archives any changes and sends this data to your CRM (i.e., Salesforce).  If consent is not given, an alternative to registration is also provided.  
Automated reporting of informed consent, expiration, identification of data sharing for fulfillment and to easily locate all registrant data across the enterprise, are key features of the Lenos Consent Manager.
In the event of the necessity to remove the data due to a withdrawal of a consent or otherwise, a single click can de-identify personally identifiable data while preserving key marketing data.