Leads in GDPR Compliance Preparation
“Working with Lenos has been the best decision we could have made.
A true partner in our compliance journey.”
Marty MacKay, DMCP
Alliance Events & Operations
Hosts Global
“Hosts will not only be prepared to protect data and meet industry needs, but to drive the discussion around compliance preparation”  
Jennifer Patino, DMCP
Chief Operating Officer Hosts Global
Host Global was planning their annual conference, scheduled to occur in Ireland a month after GDPR became effective.  In their final preparation to launch their website, they had an independent audit of the site conducted to ensure it complied with GDPR.  
Host learned they were not compliant because their licensed registration system:
• provided only a check box to indicate approval;
• used cookies on the registration site to track and re-market Host’s registrants without disclosure and informed consent of the registrants.
One of Host Global’s affiliates introduced them to Lenos.  A new site was quickly created and launched.
The new site offered an improved design and the following GDPR compliant capabilities as integral to the Lenos registration system:
• the posting in a clear and ambiguous manner the event and registrant type specific privacy policy;
• both consent and non-consent check boxes;
• if non-consent, then instructions are available on how to attend without registering via the  registration form;
• privacy policy disclosures are archived and if disclosures are changed, they are properly identified;
• Data and time consent are auto recorded with the relevant time frame consent was given;
• A record of consent, as well as other data can be auto sent to Host’s CRM;
• Easily clone GDPR settings for next year’s annual conference with one-click website cloning. Updates and edits of content can be made and tracked.
Host Global was now assured that in the event of an audit for GDPR compliance by a regulatory body, they could demonstrate that the data they collected from registrants was affirmatively provided. Also, should a registrant withdraw their consent before, during or post-event, Host was assured the data could be securely disposed of.
At this time, while most U.S. companies were still asking: “What is GDPR?,” Hosts launched the first-to-market General Data Protection Regulation Resource Program to prepare its global DMC members for GDPR requirements. Hosts also internally established a holistic approach to protecting personal data, universally applying GDPR protections to all individuals worldwide.